Wednesday, July 4, 2007


A nice, gentle, steady rain is falling and is supposed to continue all night. It might be too late for the annual ryegrass I planted on Canoe Meadow, but we can always hope. This is the first measurable rainfall we've had for about three weeks here, although it has rained as little as three miles north and south of us.

I know there are parts of the world where no rain for a few weeks is normal, and other places where they wish it had only been a few weeks. I should -- and do -- count my blessings. But in those places plants, animals, and production systems are geared for dry spells. Here they are not. If we go a week without a soaking rain during the growing season, I get uneasy.


  1. We, on the other hand, got maybe two inches of rain all season instead of the usual 12 - 15, and conditions are very scary.

    There's a meme going around -- it sort of started with Terrierman, who has a cool blog -- and I got tagged. So I'm "tagging" you, since I'd like to read more about your dogs, sheep and farming. Feel free to opt out if it all seems a bit too self-referential.

    More info on my blog, which has been tied up with AB1634 for weeks now. Be good to think about something else for a change.

    Give Fern and the dogs a pat for me, and send some of that rain west ---


  2. Forgot the link to the meme post: