Thursday, May 15, 2008

Molly, Jan. 3, 1993 - May 15, 2008

I cut off my right arm this afternoon. At least that's how it feels. Molly is gone.

She'd been gone for a while, truth be told. As she had so many other times in my life, she was waiting for me to see what should have been obvious. In the past, she was waiting to help me; this time she needed my help. I wish I could have offered it more selflessly.

Rest easy, old girl. Thanks for everything.


  1. Oh, Bill, I'm so sorry. Thank you for writing about Molly over the years -- your partnership was one of the special ones. You both are in my thoughts.


  2. Bill,
    I'm sorry to hear about Molly. I'm sure she understood why you weren't quicker to recognize she was ready to go. Dogs are so forgiving of our human foibles. She'll always fill that spot in your heart that is hers alone. Rest in peace girl.

  3. Bill, I feel for you loosing your girl. I know how it feels, and can relate and feel empathy for your pain and loss. So sorry. So sad.
    God's speed Molly. RIP.

  4. Bill...I have just discovered your wonderful blogging. First let me say that even though reading about Molly was new to me, my heart goes out to you on her loss. They leave a very big space in our hearts when they have to go, don't they...

    I have a herding dog myself---a 12 1/2 yo Aussie named Jackson---and I am so grateful that he's still by my side.

    Second thing I wanted to ask is whether you've ever considered writing a book. You are a skilled, tender writer; and while you write things specific to your work and life, the thoughts and emotions you evoke are universal. If I were an editor instead of a writer myself, I'd be all over you to do a book!

    I can't wait to read more blog posts about Fern---she sounds like an amazing pup.

    Thanks for the great reads.