Friday, October 10, 2008

A photo of me with my sheep

If you ever wondered what I look like, here's a picture. It's a few years old. I've lost some weight since it was taken. I'm the one standing next to the John Deere gator, and that's my now-deceased guard dog Big Guy in the lower left-hand corner. In this image, I have just finished feeding a group of sheep on the farm I used to run in Amherst, Mass. If you look very closely, you can see Joe the Border collie in the back of the gator


  1. Wow. This satellite photography thing gets scarier and scarier. You know *someone* can see it in real time..............

    I thought ... "maggots?" and then scrolled out a bit.

    Damn. Sheep. On the satellite photo.

    Perhaps I'll buy a golf umbrella, and never go out without it.....

    (wandered in from Vet on the Edge...)

  2. What do you think it does to a guy's self-image to know that he's fat enough to be seen from space?